Sailing on The Chesapeake Bay Sailing on The Chesapeake Bay

Meet Brad L.

Brad L. grew up in a rural town in Northern Alabama with his parents and younger brother and loves his southern roots. After receiving a theater degree, Brad packed his bags and headed for the one place where he could truly follow his passion for acting… New York City. The bright lights of Broadway kept Brad in New York for 12 years before he moved to Washington, D.C.

With a current career in telecommunications, Brad L. still has a passion for acting, but pursues it in his spare time. So, when not at work, he likes to play outside with his dogs, Zippy and Lucy, go for a run, catch a movie, play with Kyler, or dive into a good book. He now looks forward to the future bedtime stories and endless games of hide and seek.

Brad B. says, “With an infectious laugh and a vibrant personality, it is no wonder that Brad L. captures the hearts of those who meet him. One of his favorite things is to share his passion for acting through children’s theater. I look forward to seeing him share this passion with our own children.”

A few of Brad L.'s favorite things

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