Meet Kyler Meet Kyler

Meet Kyler

Kyler was born on October 2nd, 2010. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his two dads. He loves riding his bike, riding on his scooter, singing, playing at the park, swimming with his dads, and playing with his doggies, Zippy and Lucy. Kyler loves to play hide-and-seek, loves reading books, and enjoys playing “tickle monster.” He has the biggest smile in the world and takes pride in being the best dressed kid on the block.

Kyler's favorite quote: “What's better than one dad? TWO!” He looks forward to having a new baby brother or sister so he can share all his toys and all the love that is lavished on him every day.

Dad and Pop Say: “From the moment Kyler came into our lives, we have been changed forever. Our lives are more enriched, happier and more colorful than we could ever imagine. He is the best little boy in the world with the biggest smile, and we love him with our whole hearts.”

Meet Kyler

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