Our Family Taking a ride on dad's shoulders

Our Story

Our first date in Washington D.C. was dinner and a movie in the fall of 2005. Lively conversation flowed the entire evening and revealed just how much we had in common, including not only our first name, but also our birth month and year! Was it fate? Additionally, we both had a love for being outdoors and a passion for travel… a winning combination. Scheduling a second date was a definite no-brainer, and thus we unknowingly took the first step in the fruitful journey of our lives together. We have since built a life together based on friendship, honest communication and lots of laughter (it's the best medicine, you know).

In 2010 our family grew to include our adopted son, Kyler. We met his birthmother when she was four months pregnant, and we were fortunate enough to follow along in her pregnancy. We were there for Kyler's birth and count that as one of the best experiences of our lives. Kyler is growing into a very well-rounded little boy, and we look forward to expanding our family to include a little brother or sister for him.

Enjoying the great outdoors with Dad

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